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August 9, 2011

An update has been long overdue, but since Billy Stelly's incarceration and following felony aggregate theft conviction, I've had better things to do. But emails still trickle in occasionally so I felt the need to add an update. He was convicted. As travesties go, this one is no different. Apparent release date as given from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is 1-21-2012. That seems to be how long a 6 year sentence lasts these days. Below is the letter I received from the Harris County District Attorney's Office after his conviction. Everyone should learn from this lesson and prepare themselves on his release; I'm sure it will be interesting.

Billy Stelly Found Guilty of Aggregate Theft

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Billy Stelly found guilty of felony aggregate theft update


October 9, 2009

Still in Jail! Looks like Mr. Stelly has been unsucessful in recruiting any new "investors" and has had none of his previous "investors" bail him out of jail- where he continues to spend his days.

October 4, 2009

Tenative dates announced. February 23, 2009 is set as the pre-trial confrence date and jury trial is set for March 29th, 2009 !

August 4, 2009

Good news! Billy Stelly Jr. continues in jail! Apparently no one will put up money to meet his bond. His second court date has been set to Aug 26, 2009. This is not his hearing date, just another court date where he and his lawyer will go in front of the judge and narrow down the actual trial date. Updates will be made as they become available.


June 4, 2009

Billy Stelly Jr. is in JAIL!! He was recently indicted on Aggregate Theft of over $200,000; a 1st degree State Jail Felony offense and is spending his 4th of July comfortably covered in a fanshionable orange jumpsuit. He was placed in jail on June 25, 2009 (6/25/09). The wheels of justice grind slowely but they grind exceedingly fine! Thanks to everyone who constantly sent updates and information which I continually forwarded to the Harris County DA. His bond was set at $150,000, and I'm not sure if he's found a sucker to come up with the $15,000 to get him out(doubtful), but I will update this week when I have the opportunity to talk with the DA. Below is the pdf from the Harris County Sherrif's Office. Feel free to visit them [here]and enter Last name: Stelly, First Name: Billy to reveal your prize.



Beware of Billy Stelly aka Caimen Magdiel. The following is all information from innocent people defrauded and scammed out of what is turning out to be millions of dollars (yes, that much). Beware his postings on and advertising untrue job and investment opportunities.

His most common hook are job postings (example included below). If you go to this "job opportunity" you will meet Caimen Magdiel AKA Billy Stelly Jr. He uses Caimen Magdiel as his name so that you don't know who he really is. And who is he? This so called real estate and exotic car investor will scam you into looking for investors (usually your friends and family) and take $25,000 consultation fees from you to put you on real estate opportunities that never happen.

He will attempt to get you personal lines of credit and business lines of credit supposedly to cover all costs to these projects but he will simply take your money and never put you on a project because there are none.

Hell show you earnest money contracts on real property, but he will never close on them. If you see him, look at the consultation contract he makes his investors sign (example included below). It says that he will give you your money back if you are not approved for a construction loan or if you and the builder (that's Caimen) do not agree on the line item budget costs. The catch is that if he never lets you apply for a construction loan and never gives you a line item cost breakdown, he's well within his rights of not returning your consultation fee. Also, be careful to read that the projects start within 90 days of your construction loan approval, which never happens.

Some of these details have probably changed since the last person he scammed, but this guy owes literally over a hundred people a total of millions of dollars. Hes been doing this for years, and he is really good at it. Watch how fast he'll take you money too.

Dont be fooled by his expensive cars and his extravagant lifestyle, its at the expensive of hard working people like you who are sold into an idea that never materializes. If you want to know more about this low life, contact Warren E. Matchette, Fraud Examiner for the District Attorney Of Harris County, Texas at 713-755-5836 and discover all the harm he has done to hard working individuals.


And continue reading below for a closer look at his con and the actual letter the Harris County District Attorney is sending out to "investors"!


Say hello to Billy Stelly aka Caimen Magdiel

Here is Billy enjoying what turns out to be a $2500 meal. No problem, your consultation fees pay for his lavish lifestyle!

Billy is always on the move, so keep an eye out for his ever changing "business opportunities" which include car investments, modeling opportunities, and even credit rebuilding.

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Billy Stelly aka Caimen Magdiel Craiglist Ad Example

Billy Stelly Jr. will use an ad like this to get hundreds of people coming to listen to his pitch. They'll get the same briefing that he gives all his "investors" for a simple reason; even though you probably don't have the credit to get put on a non-existent project, he'll tell you he also pays referral fees to the tune of $5000.00 Sounds good right? It sure does, and all the sudden youre bringing all your friends and family and anyone you know with good credit to get that referral fee. And he'll pay you in cash, as soon as he gets at least $25,000.00 for the consultation fee. Of course, you'll be incredibly impressed and continue working hard for this scammer. The problem is that as the months go by and nothing happens you turn out to look like a chump that's ripped off your own friends and family. Very embarrassing.


Billy Stelly, aka Caimen is up to his old tricks. His new "Investment" is exotic cars and the exotic car rental industry. Billy is posting on offering new jobs for female spokes models. These spoke models will get a "job" and then he will get them to get lines of credit and get those funds to pay the model and get cars under their credit. From his previous real estate scam, he was able to find investors to buy a white convertible Lamborghini Gallardo (which you've probably seen around town), a Range Rover, a 6 & 7 series BMW and an Escalade. He's hanging by threads trying to earn enough cash to keep these vehicles paid and so be careful! He's out to find his next victim!


Billy Stelly aka Caimen Magdiel Advertising Continued

If youre surprised to find that this scam artist is so brazen that he advertises on one of the largest radio stations in Houston, you shouldn't be. He feels empowered by the fact that he can be so obvious and continue doing what he does. In fact he's been advertising for years, and for years people have been so embarrassed by being scammed that it has perpetuated his career.

Believe it or not, 104krbe continues to advertise even today for Billy Stelly; confirm by going to:

It amazes me that even though 104krbe is aware of Billy Stelly's dealings and has been informed specifically to what this individual does, the mighty green dollar prevails and advertising continues. Hopefully, some day soon, this news worthy association between 104krbe and Billy Stelly aka Caimen Magdiel, will make it to a television near you.

Keep reading, because at the end of this website is the name and number of who you can contact to help stop this man.

Pine Lake Custom Builder and Billy Stelly's Contract

Billy will present himself as Pine Lake Custom Builder's, but the truth is that the Real Pine Lake Custom Builders with the actual builder's license are no longer associated with good old Caimen. "A misunderstanding" is what he'll tell you if you ever catch him on it. "I gave them a million dollars and all the sudden they were trying to tell me what to do," might be another. He'll always have a great excuse, because he always brushing up on his excuses. By the way, his Pine Lake Custom Builders is a DBA under his own real name.

Take special note of the highlighted parts of his contract. Section 4. is the real beauty; if you are unable to obtain your construction loan you get your money back. Guess what, you'll never apply for your loan so you'll never get denied and that's the only way you get your money back. Also make note of section 9. It says that construction starts 60 days after your Construction loan APPROVAL. Watch how he will use this to tell you that you cannot apply for the construction loan yet because all the pre-construction work, i.e. survey, environmental testing, permitting, etc has not been done yet and BECAUSE he has committed to start building within 60 days, you cannot begin your loan processing yet. Its a beautiful and deceitful Catch-22. Beware.

The homes he says he built in the Bentwater community in Conroe are FORECLOSED and not finished. Don't let him show you old photos. Have him take you to the actual homes and know that they began construction in November of 2006. It's a real shame.

Line Item Budget Cost Sheet

Take a look. Its fantastic. Its professional. I've shown this to real builders and they are impressed. And its just another tool to reel you into the scam.

Letter From the District Attorney of Harris County

Enjoy reading the same letter "investors" get from the Harris County District attorney. As they build their case, and find out about new "investors", they recieve this letter, in the hopes of warning people before being defrauded. Unfortunetly, by the time they recieve this letter they have already paid Billy Stelly his "consultation" fee and its already too late. Don't believe everything you've seen here? Please feel free to call the individual on this letter, Warren E. Matchette, Fraud Examiner for the Harris County District Attorney at 713-755-5836.

Insufficient funds Check to Lakewood Church

Billy Stelly is the type of guy that will look you straight in the eye and tell you he is a man of God. He will tell you about how in the past he would regularly teach Sunday school; how everything he does, he does with God in mind. He's a liar, and if you give him enough time he will prove it to you. Several of his "investors" he even took to Lakewood Church (the Houston Mega-church which is the largest Church in the United States) to get BAPTISED! The hypocrisy of this man has no bounds. No doubt when he wrote this check he was showing an investor how strong his devotion was. Accordingly, it was returned due to non sufficient funds.

Parting Words

Billy Stelly Jr. aka Caimen Magdiel will scam you out of your money. He's slick and incredibly persuasive. There is no telling how much this guy has enriched himself from his deceit and lies, but it's not even surprising anymore when new emails and information arrive describing another person left with nothing but empty promises. Many of the details on this website were accurate at some point very recently, but this ever evolving individual is always slightly changing things up. It's likely there are some changes from what has been shown here, but the similarities once you see it for yourself should be incredible.

At this point this website's purpose is to WARN and educate people, hopefully before they do any business with Billy Stelly.

If you are on the list of people that have come into contact with this individual please speak up! It's embarrassing to think of being defrauded, but know that when you stand up, other people will follow. If everyone stood up and reported Billy Stelly to the authorities he would be off the streets today.

Be careful. Hopefully this information will help individuals become educated and not be ripped off like so many people have already.


Billy Stelly, aka Caimen is up to his old tricks. His new "Investment" is exotic cars and the exotic car rental industry. Billy is posting on offering new jobs for female spokes models. These spoke models will get a "job" and then he will get them to get lines of credit and get those funds to pay the model and get cars under their credit. From his previous real estate scam, he was able to find investors to buy a white convertible Lamborghini Gallardo (which you've probably seen around town), a Range Rover, a 6 & 7 series BMW and an Escalade.

Billy is also apparently trying to find "investors" for music related scams. He is reaching as far as Minnesota to scam people into investing in concerts. He will tell you he has connections in the music industry to contract well known artists. He told the exotic car scam along with the concert scam since our first meeting.

He's hanging by threads trying to earn enough cash anyway possible to keep these vehicles paid and so be careful! He's out to find his next victim! If you have an updated office address for Billy Stelly Jr. AKA Caimen Magdiel I would appreciate an email.

Feel free to give him a call at 214-714-6104

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